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Handmade Wood Fired Oven

Wood Fired outdoor ovens

Using a Wood Fired Oven

Wood fired ovens, sometimes also known as pizza ovens, are the tall open ovens often seen in pizza restaurants, but it is becoming increasingly common for people to choose to install their own wood fired oven at home. Setting up your own wood fired pizza oven is quicker and easier than you might think, and you’ll be absolutely amazed by the delicious pizzas that can be cooked inside. Pizza cooked in a wood fired oven will taste far superior to pizza cooked in a gas or electric oven. Cooking food with wood logs infuses it with a subtle smoky flavour that cannot be achieved via any other cooking method.

Not Just For Pizzas

What you may not know is that wood fired ovens can be used for so much more than just cooking pizza! Depending on whether or not your wood fired oven has insulation or not, you can also use it to make other baked goods (such as breads and pastries) and you can even use it to grill meats, opening up a full spectrum of delicious meal options. Cooking a meal (whether you choose to cook pizza or experiment with something different) is also much faster than you might think, as you can now purchase quick fire smoking wood which will make lighting up your oven and bringing it to the correct temperature both fast and easy. Cooking food with kiln dried wood logs makes it easy to distribute the heat throughout your oven, avoiding hot spots, and ensuring that your food cooks evenly.

Choosing the Right Wood

Choosing the right wood is essential to the success of your pizza oven. Whilst the kind of wood you choose is less important (as all wood will create very similar smoky flavours) it is essential that you choose kiln dried logs that have been specifically chosen for cooking. Drying and using your own wood can be risky, as you can’t be sure that it doesn’t contain glue or nails, and that it hasn’t been chemically treated.

When cooking food with wood logs the integrity of the wood that you choose is essential. You need wood that is clean, dry enough to burn quickly, and you should also choose logs small enough to spread across the base of your oven to distribute the heat evenly. Once you have followed these simple and easy tips, your pizza oven will be easy to fire up and create pizzas to be proud of!

Wood Fired Pizza

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